Working with the CANA Group is more than just a job; it’s a place to build your career and develop your professional skills.

Start a Rewarding Career with CANA

CANA Group has been serving Alberta’s commercial, high voltage and utility construction sectors for over seven decades. From the electrical substations and utility lines that keep our homes bright and warm, to the structures in which we work and play, to the streetlights that guide us home at the end of the day, CANA has likely touched the lives of you or your loved ones each day in Alberta.

The company has been owned and managed by the Simpson family for three generations. The family takes a hands-on approach to operating the company that ensures a tradition of consistency that Albertans trust for their unique projects, as well as a close-knit team environment for employees. Join our team and help continue to build Alberta for years to come! Explore a wide range of CANA Careers and check out our current job opportunities.

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Beware of Suspicious Employment Offers

The CANA Group of Companies (CANA) has become aware of persons claiming to represent CANA who have contacted job seekers with fraudulent interview requests and false offers of employment with our organization. All employment candidates of CANA are required to complete an interview with CANA in person or, in rare cases, by telephone, before any formal offer of employment is made. The people implementing these hoaxes or other similar false offers of employment are not affiliated with CANA in any way. Additionally, CANA does not require payment from anyone seeking employment with us, nor would we request personal information from you until a formal offer of employment has been made and accepted.  These recruitment communications are made without CANA’s knowledge or approval.  CANA strongly advises you to scrutinize the opportunity carefully before responding to any unsolicited offer of employment. Check out the CANA Careers page for available positions.

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