Workplace safety is engrained in CANA Group's culture; we are dedicated to safe performance and to meeting all organizational goals.

Our Commitment to Workplace Safety

CANA Group actively promotes safety awareness, hazard identification and control, and risk mitigation through extensive Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) programs. Pro-active prevention of risk helps to ensure the safety of the public, project teams and other stakeholders, as well as promote environmental protection. The results are reflected by our outstanding seven-decade safety record through all divisions.

All CANA divisions feature dedicated HSE departments with Managers, Safety Advisors and Administrators who support our site project teams. Our strong HSE leadership team is wholly committed to ensuring all crews get home safe and sound. The safety team offers in-house training, as well as specialized out-of-house programs for staff; all employees are required to hold the appropriate accreditations.

CANA’s executive and management teams provide ongoing support to our workplace safety professionals and site personnel.

These factors contribute to CANA achieving our overall goals of the Journey to Zero program;  striving for a target of zero incidents. Hazard control and injury prevention are a driving force behind our business practices.