Power Systems Electrician


The Power System Electrician derives his authority from and is responsible to the Power Systems Foreman. They work with high voltage equipment such as circuit breakers, transformers, switches and the control circuits for protection, indication and monitoring systems. Their daily work involves the installation of ground grids, erection of structural steel, assembly of power system equipment, cabling and wiring.


• Safety
• Organization
• Production
• Quality


This job specification should not be construed to imply that these requirements are the exclusive standards for the position. Incumbents may be required to perform any other related duties as may be requested by their foreman/supervisor.

To effectively complete the responsibilities of this position, the candidate must be able to complete the following:

• Install and maintain high voltage equipment such as transformers, , voltage regulators, switches, circuit breakers, capacitor banks, PT’s, CT’s, protection and control equipment, and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems in transmission and distribution substations
• Inspect and test installed electrical equipment and apparatus to locate electrical faults and check their operation, using volt meters, ammeters and other electrical test instruments and equipment
• Repair or replace faulty electrical equipment and apparatus
• Complete test and maintenance reports.


To be successful in the trade, Power Systems Electricians need:

• Must hold a Power Systems Electrician Certificate or be indentured in a power systems electrician apprenticeship program in preparation for achieving journeyman status.
• A valid class 5 driver’s license
• the ability to handle heavy equipment
• the ability to work safely and follow safe work practices and procedures
• the ability to work with precision instruments to “fine tune” equipment
• the ability to understand the theoretical background of their work
• the ability to pay careful attention to details
• be willing to continuously upgrade their skills and knowledge



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